“Historical Witch Events & Monthly Wiccan/Pagan Events”

If your anything like me then you have some kind of interest in Strange, Odd, and/or Paranormal History of our past Ancestors.

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I have been interested about learning more on odd, paranormal history since my jounior year of highschool, 2007. Reading about Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess, and also reading about Dracula, the history of Vampirism and what caused the belief of vampires, I love reading history on how Monsters came about. Vampires, Werewolfs, Witch Trials, and Places haunted by Spirits. If we read topics such as these in history class I probably would of had better grades. Lol

To be honest I’ve only visited one place that claims to have been haunted by a Witch. The Bell Witch to be exact. A farmers family was possessed and harrassed, probably driven crazy by the witch that haunted the land this family built their home on. A cave resided near by their farm where a grave close to the cave entrance had been made from the stone floor was dug up. The tour guide says that they beileve this grave is where the witch had been buried.

I decided to create this post to share places of interest of mine that I would love to visit and learn more of the interesting history on and I think others would love to learn more about these places as well. Down below I will share places I’d love to visit and include links to sites that go into more detail for anyone that would like to learn more about any specific places I mention.

The Witch House:
The Witch House, home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, is the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the Witchcraft Trials of 1692.

Salemweb.com Says:
Today, Witch House tours blend information about seventeenth-century lifestyles, furnishings, and architecture with fascinating insights into the events of 1692. Visitors gain a deeper comprehension of the lives of those involved in the Witchcraft Trials through examination of the material culture of the period

Visit Salemweb.com to Learn more!

The Bell Witch Haunting:
“America’s Greatest Ghost Story.”

Bellwitch.org Says: One such haunting is the legend of the so-called “Bell Witch,” a sinister entity that tormented a pioneer family on Tennessee’s early frontier between 1817 and 1821.  Unlike the blockbuster films and many other ghost stories, the “Bell Witch” haunting involved real people and is substantiated by eyewitness accounts, affidavits, and manuscripts penned by those who experienced the haunting first hand.  This distinction led Dr. Nandor Fodor, a noted researcher and psychologist, to label the Bell Witch legend as “America’s Greatest Ghost Story.”

Visit Bellwitch.org to Learn more!

The Devil in New York — The Witchcraft Trial of Goody Garlick: A Witchcraft Trail 30 years before the Salem Witch Trials began.

Hallockville.com Says:
The most famous American witch-hunt began in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. Yet, more than three decades before that notorious event, Long Island had its very own witchcraft trial — the trial of Goody Garlick! Accusations of flying on poles and cavorting with the Devil ran rampant in the colonies during the 17th century and led to hundreds of accusations of witchcraft. To understand what happened during these trials, we must first understand the stresses of ordinary 17th century life in New York and why the fear of witches existed. The trial of Goody Garlick will act as a lens to understand the hysteria associated with these accusations.

Visit Hallockville.com to Learn more!

Below are events in 2019 that you can join in on with other Wiccans/Pagans in the U.S.!

Brotherhood & Sisterhood Ostara Campout:

March 29-31, 2019
Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park, New Port Richey, FL
Join the Brotherhood of the Spear and Sisterhood of the Shield for a fun and relaxing camp out to celebrate Ostara. Cost: $15 per person (kids too) – Tent Camping & $20 per person for a Cabin Bunk – Cost covers admission, all activities and meals. Activities: Hanging out and enjoying nature, chillaxing, walking the trails, painting rocks, setting up the fire, spending time with friends, pot luck cook out on Saturday, Ostara Ritual, a beautiful Fire, making s’mores and telling stories.

Click here to join in on the fun!

Trees of Avalon Gathering – Flames of Desire:

April 4-7, 2019
Hudson, FL
Trees of Avalon is a new and upcoming festival; family friendly and ready to learn and teach. We have classes for almost all levels and we do have children’s classes. We have games for all ages. As a festival, we are committed to serving our community of Pagans from all over. We believe that our children have the right to know our history so that they can pass it along to their future generations.

Click here to join in on the fun!

Spring Mysteries Festivals:

April 18-21, 2019
Fort Flagler State Park, Nordland, WA
The festival is always the Thursday through Sunday over Easter Weekend. Spring Mysteries Festival is the longest running recreation of the Eleusinian Mysteries in the modern world. For millennia before Christ, and for hundreds of years after his worship, the Cult of Demeter facilitated histories longest running pilgrimage. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church has devoted a lifetime of scholarly work and production into bringing these mysteries into today.

Click here to join in on the fun!

To view all other Wiccan/Pagan events in the U.S. visit the link below! Who knows there might be an event close to you!

Check it out here!

This has been my post and share of Historical/ Wiccan & Pagan Events, I hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know if you go to any of the events I shared.

Always love to hear feed back.

Until then Blessed be.



“Recipes for Magick”

Spell Candles, Witches Herbs, Magick Incense, Healing Crystals, and How-To’s for Altar Set ups.

In this post I share links from fellow websites and blog posts that discuss AWESOME recipes for Magick.

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Creating Magick is a fun and amazing healing practice, but it isn’t always an easy task to do. If your like me then you might get stumped at times when going about persuing Magick task/ Rituals or maybe you might be NEW on the path to Magick.

Not to worry! I created this post for these 2 reasons.

With the Internet being a HUGE part of our lifes in our world we have a GREAT advantage that our relatives before us didnt have access to. There is so much information out there on this amazing web.

I decided to surf this massive web and gathered information from here, there, everywhere and placed it into this post, making it an even more simple task for anyone to start learning Magick or to get help with their Magickal Practices.

Lets find out what these sites and bloggers have to offer! Ready to dive in??

Spell Candles:

Shopetamedwild.com say’s: 

Spell & ritual candles have been used throughout time to focus and direct intent while honoring and evoking the divine. These candles are dressed and enchanted with herbs, oils & crystals chosen for their metaphysical & magickal properties. Light your candle during prayer, meditation, rituals & spells. 

Candle colors are selected for their associations and use in candle magick. 

Each candle comes with instructions on how to use and details on the elements it is infused with. 

We always recommend cleansing your candle with smoke from a sage and charging in moonlight prior to use. 

Check it out here!

Magick Incense:

Santuariolunar.com say’s: 

Incenses are very important items in Witchcraft. The smoke they created is capable of inducing different feelings, purifying environments, purifying and protecting environments, purifying objects during the consecration, and more. In this post, we’ll see the main incenses meaning and their usage in rituals and witchcraft.

We can’t prove when incenses were created, but we know for sure that ancient civilizations like the Egyptian and the Hindu already used them in rituals. One theory tries to explain the importance of them stating that Goddesses and Gods lived outside de Earth and only the smoke created by fire was capable of reaching them. Hence, herbs started to be burned and then the incenses were created.

Anyway, incenses are used until today and not only during rituals but also for welfare.

Check it out here!

Healing Crystals:

Exemplore.com/wicca-witchcraft say’s:

Daunted by all those posts online that say you have to have at least 70 crystals with intimate understanding of each to be a “good witch”? Posts like those are complete baloney—you could have 100 crystals, 10, or even none, and you would still be a witch. It’s all about where you want to take your craft. Some people don’t want to have to deal with all the charging, grounding, cleansing, and recharging that comes with crystals, so they decide to opt out. Others might love the idea of pretty rocks that are also functional, so they hoard hundreds upon hundreds of the same stone.

The important thing to remember is that you are the only one who can decide what you want to do with your craft; after all, it is yours!

So, you want to bring some crystals into your craft, but you’re lost in the many lists of meanings and just want something simple. Many witches are the same way! Down below we’ll take a look at the correspondences of five of the most “essential” stones for an aspiring crystal witch.

Check it out here!

Witches Herbs:

Witchipedia.com say’s:

The term herb is generally used to describe a plant that is herbaceous in nature, that is, it is not a tree or a shrub. However, when a witch or occultist uses the word “herb” we are generally referring to a plant that is useful without regard to its lifestyle. However, this designation often excludes those plants used for food; fruits and vegetables.

This list includes plants AND fungi that are useful to a witch, including those that are used for magick, crafting, food and healing including herbaceous plants, trees, shrubs and various fungi. Some are simply useful for decoration and some I have included for folkloric interest. That is to say; some herbs are more useful than others.

Check it out here!

Setting up your Magickal Working Space, AKA Altar:

Creating your very own Altar by Paganspath.com

Create here!

Decorate your Altar by Wicca-spirituality.com

Decorate here!D

Altars that Represent the Elements by Groveandgrotto.com

Elemental Altars here!


“The Witches Psyche, The 4 Clairs”

Do you know your 4 Clair Types? The 4 Clair Types are types of Psychic Abilities.

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If your like me you might be thinking of old Gypsy Woman gazing into Crystal Balls, reading Tarot Cards, or even speaking to the undead. These ARE all great Divination techniques that can be accomplished by anyone who set there “minds” to the these practices but Im refering more to a natural instinct inside us human.

Being a Witch is more than casting spells and creating concoctions known as potions. Did you know you can develop Psychic skills as well as using Magick to assit you in everyday life?

Knowing your 4 Clairs and learning to develop them can benefit you greatly.

There are 6 senses with the human body.

  • Sight- Seeing what’s in front of you.
  • Hearing- Hearing things around you.
  • Smell- Smelling things near you
  • Touch- ability to touch things
  • Taste- tasting things
  • Sense- This is the 6th sense that some might not believe in, but it is a natural ability of knowing.

More than likely you will have 1 or 2 Clair abilities that you are more in tuned with.

For myself the Clair types I am more in tuned with are Clairvoyance and Clairsentient.

Let me start off explaining these two Clairs since I know them best.

Clairvoyant :

Signs of being Clairvoyant could be having vivid dreams or seeing outlines around living things known as Aura. These are two signs of knowing that I am Clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant dreams definitely differ from just dreaming. I have had dreams of my past father multiple times, Clairvoyant dreams have a feeling of being on a different plane. The Spiritual Plane. Definitely different from other dreams. These dreams feel like reality until you awake. They can definitely be intense. At least in my experiences.

I have had multiple dreams of waking up reaching out or shaking myself awake from a DEEP sleep and then realising I was dreaming.

If you’d like to learn more on Clairvoyance I left a link here for you to read more on this Clair type More on Clairvoyance


For the Clairsentient ability it’s all about feeling. Most likely someone who is Clairsentient can sense negativity very easily and it is not plesent. That or they sense when something is not a good idea and they will not follow through if they are aware of there Clairsentient ability.

More on Clairsentient Abilities HERE

The other 2 clair type are


Clairaudience is called “clear hearing.” It is the intuitive ability to hear information inside your mind and receive it as statements, sounds, a song or lyric, or sense it as a vibration. It is the easiest of all the intuitive types because you can hear it. Clairaudients receive their intuitive information through an area located just above their ears but below the temples. This area of the brain covers the temporal lobes, which is where we process auditory information.

Here is a link if you would like to learn more on Clairaudience


Claircognizance is called “clear knowing.” Claircognizants see or perceive intuitive information as a hunch or through an impression where they know what the answer is. Of all the intuitive abilities, this one is the strongest intuitive type because the claircognizant receives information instantly and will know what will or will not work.

More to learn on Claircognizance

Interested in finding out which of the Clair Types you connect with most? Take the test to find out! Intuition Test

Thank you for reading “The Witches Psyche, The 4 Clairs”. I hope you found it informative and helpful. Also I want to thank Intuitivesoulblog and Intuitiontest.com for there referral links. I love there blogs a ton. I hope you enjoy them as well.

If you have any questions leave me a comment down below or in the Contacts Page.

Until then Blessed Be.






“Waiting in the Shadows, Nocturnal Witchcraft”

Nocturnal Witchcraft…

What comes to mind when you hear that title? Errie, Black Magick that is summoned up from the darkest corners of the deepest black pits of the Universe… Where the souless undead roam and macebre spirits wander…

Yeah, this is not Nocturnal Witchcraft.

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This type of practice is to perform Magickal Spells and/or Rituals during the hours of the Night. This doesnt automatically make Nocturnal Witchcraft an “EVIL” practice.

One of my first practices I started out with when first learning the Craft. Nocturnal Practices are performed by individuals that are drawen to the Night, the Moon, and Lunar Energies.

In my late teens after graduating highschool I often felt more comfortable and alive during hours of the Night when the world was most quiet. My fondest memories of when I was a “Night Owl” was around the time I would be heading into my bed. Although I loved the stillness and quietness of the Nightly World, when the Sun would start to peak over the horizsen, it was always so beautiful.

I remember sitting out in our yard during Dawn, watching the sun start to rise over the trees gazing in “aw” like wonder at the scenery in front of myself. Remembering the feelings “vampires” most alway would express about how the Sun was no longer a part of their lifes, this was not there world… At least anymore.

But appearantly this was not unusual behavior for me. Being that my SunSign in my Astrology Birthchart is Scorpio/Water, and Scorpios are best known to be Nocturnal Beings and they make the best Nocturnal Witches as well, or so Ive heard. As the moon moves across the sky, it passes through the various zodiac signs, primarily affecting our moods and reactions. Those who have a sun sign align to the water element (Scorpio, Piecese, Cancer) will feel this effect most strongly.

Nocturnal Witchcraft Practices:

Before I get into the practices I want to say that in no way do I speak for all Nocturnal Witches. These Practices are from my own expeiences and I hope you find them helpful and informative and that you too enjoy them as well.

I find that working with the Moon Phases is incorperated with Nocturnal Witchcraft. Each Moon Phase can help assist with different situations that goes on in our lifes.

Many witches choose to time their spells based on moon phase. Generally, spells for gain or increase are done during the waxing moon while spells for banishing or decrease are done during the waning moon.

Some witches also choose to cast their spells based on the zodiac sign through which the moon is traveling. One might choose to do a spell associated with lunar energy when the moon was in the zodiac sign ruled by the moon being Cancer.

Working with the Moon and Lunar Energies can help assist with
Cycles, emotions, secrets, divination, divine feminine, your feminine side, the subconscious, dreams and dream work, finding a path, hidden intentions. Not to shabby of a practice, huh?

Nocturnal Witchcraft, working with Energies of the Night.

Wanna find out what Craft your best at according to your Zodiac?? Which Witchcraft are you best at??

Here is a link if you are interested in purchasing a book on Nocturnal Witchcraft?

Thank you for reading “Waiting in the Shadows, Nocturnal Witchcraft” I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful and informative.

New Post every Wednesday and Sundays, Love to have you back!

If you have any questions or comments leave them down below or in my Contact Page and I will reply back to you as soon as I can.

Until then Blessed Be.


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“Everything the Practicing Wiccan/Pagan needs”

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“6 steps to Begin on your Magickal Witchy Path”

Free Website Visitors

If you are reading this then you might have been thinking about how to start your journey on how to become a Witch. In this post I explain the first 6 Steps to take when begining on your path to Magick! Let’s begin…

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Step 1) Find out why you want to become a Witch?

Why do you want to become a Witch? What is it with Witchcraft that interest you? These answers might come right to you. If they do thats Great! But If they dont, not to worry.

I suggest to meditate on these questions. It might be days before you discover the answers to why you want to become a Witch and that is completely fine. The more you meditate on these questions the better idea you will have of why you want to journey down this Magickal Path.

When I say “meditate” you might be thinking to yourself that you are not quite sure on how to do this. What I mean is find a quite place where you dont have to worry about being disturbed, where there are few to no noises as possiable.

Find somewhere comfortable in this space and just sit there thinking on these questions. You might find it helpful to have a notepad and writing utinsel handy to write down anything that comes to you.

For myself I enjoy having a warm cup of tea, I find it helps to relax and calm my body and mind. Also closing my eyes helps when I am reaching deep within myself for answers.

Step 2) What do you expect to gain from learning the Craft?

What are you hoping to achieve from Witchcraft? If you are hoping to learn how to fly on a broomstick or shoot lightning out of your finger tips than most likely you will be disappointade.

But if you are wanting to learn how to become a more balanced person, connect with nature, learn to communicate with spirits and your past Ancestors and learn how to open your own Intuition than this path might be for you.

Step 3)  Learn the Basics

After learning why you want to become a Witch and what it is you expect to gain from the Craft next is to learn the Basics of the Craft. What Witchcraft tradition/s are you most drawn to? If you dont know or are not quite sure here is a link profided by Bev. G on Exemplore of “60 Witchcraft Tradition” that you can look over and than decide which one best suites you.

If you like more than one tradition dont stress over it. The beauty of Witchcraft is that you do not have to strickly stick to one practice. You can draw from different practices that you find best fits you. I do this myself in my own practice. Witches that draw from different traditions are known as Eclectic Witches.

Step 4)  PRACTICE!

This step is very important. You must practice your craft in order to grow and become better at it. We all know that saying “Practice makes Perfect”, this saying nails it right on the head. Witchcraft is a practice. You will not master it over night and thats alright. I have been practicing Witchcraft for 14 years now and even though I know more than I use to I have still yet to master any of my practices.

More than likely any practice you decide to learn from will not be mastered because there is so much to learn from Witchcraft and it is a very ancient practice. Dont let that discourage you. Witchcraft isnt about mastering a practice but about learning life experiences from the practices you choose to take part in.

Step 5) Connect with Nature

How you can intertwine Witchcraft into your every day life. One way you can live a witchy everyday life is to connect with Nature.

For me when I feel like I am lacking Magick in my life or I just need a boost. I really enjoy going for a hike in the woods. If you dont have woods where you live going for a hike in nature period should get you feeling more connect to all the magick that surrounds you.

What elements of Nature do you feel most connected to? Maybe taking a stroll around a body of water helps you feel more connected, or spending time near a camp/bon fire or even visiting a windy hill top. Connecting with Nature can be a refreshing Magickal experience.

Step 6)  Have Fun with it

The most imporant thing to remember is to have fun with your practices. Just enjoy your experiences. You might come across someone that feels like you are not persuing your practices correctly and that might be true to them but if the way you perform your practices feels right to you just keep at it. You are not doing this for them or anyone else so I would advise just hearing them out and simply explaining to them that that might be how they feel but this is how you like to perform you own practice. If they still continue to say your wrong try to change the topic and leave it be.

This has been “6 steps to begin on your Magickal Witchy Path”. I hope you found it helpful and informative.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below or message me in the Contacts Page.

Come back every Wednesday and Sundays for new post at “Tea’s Twigg & Staff. Looking forward to having you there

Until then Blessed Be.





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“That Elemental Witch!”

My story of why I am attracted to the Elements, What the 5 Elements are, Elements and history, Calling the 4 Corners, and more.

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Click here to find books to Learn from

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My Story:

Ever since I was a child I have felt different from the other kids, to be honest I still feel different from others till this day. The difference is I have a better understanding of why.

I have always felt this other worldly connection that I could never explain. My teachers in school as well as other adults would mark it up to be that I was just a deep day dreamer. Later on in my early 20’s I would finally realise that what I have been “feeling” my whole life is Magick. My abilities or gifts started to flourish in my late teens.

Seeing Shadow People, Vivid real dreams, Seeing the Energy or Auras that surrounds anything living, Candles Flames that danced and jumped when ever Im near by, Sensing something is wrong or not a good idea before it happens. I know all of these situations sound SO out there and probably weird but I learned that these situations are not so weird and lots of people actually experience them. I learned this through the magick of the Elements.

But! Why do I enjoy Elemental Magick?? I feel a strong connection to them, the same feeling I remeber having as a child. It is like a natural calling for me. It just feels right.

Why is Elemental Magick a terrific practice to learn? Lets find out!

What are the 5 Elements?

Some people might argue that only 4 Elements excist. Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Well those people might not be aware that there is a 5th Element. No, not like the movie from 1997 with Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis running around fighting aliens, all though it is a great movie. The 5th Element is Spirit.

Mackenzie Sage Wright, A Wiccan of 25 years, Blogger on Exemplore and teacher of NeoPaganism explains in her artical “Elemental Powers and Finding your Wiccan Element” that the Elements are more than their physical forms, dirt, H20, oxygen, and flames. The Elements also represent Personality traits, Masculine or Feminine Energy.

Basic Element Info:

AirMasculine, projective element
connected to rational thought, the mind,
intellect, wisdom, communication,
Corresponding to the
North, the winter
season, middle of the
EarthFeminine, receptive, connected to
stability, practicality, materialism, the
physical world, etc.
Corresponding to the East, to the
spring season, to
sunrise time,
FireMasculine, projective,
connected to
the will, passion, creativity,
Corresponding to the
South, to the summer
to midday (noon).
WaterFeminine, receptive,
connected to the
emotions, intuition,
mysterious, the
subconscious, etc.
Corresponding to the
West, to the fall season, to twilight time.

The 5 Elements have been around since the dawn of time. During the 16th century, the Renaissance in Europe, Alckemist and Occult practioners made recordes about the Elements. Paracelsus, born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, was a Swiss German physician, chemist, botanist, alchemist, astrologer and general occultist who is famous for his iconoclastic rebellion against the conservative medical orthodoxy of his day, as well as for his bold, new ideas in medicine explained the Spirits of the Elements.

Gnomes corresponded to Earth

Undines to Water

Sylphs to Air

Salamanders to Fire

Humans to Spirit

Rosicrucians, 17th Century esoteric order deeply believed the Elements Spirits could be seen by us humans. They focused on both the Physical and Spiritual Realms through Occult Philosophies.

After learning more about the amazing Elements let learn how to call them!

Elements have associated Colors, Directions, Stones, Plants, etc. Using tools that represent a specific Element improves the overall effect of your working.

Working with tools that relates or represents an Element creates an ideal enviroment and honors the Elements presence.

Calling the 4 Corners, Click the link below


Also if you would like to see Candle Flames react around me if your curious I do have videos recorded of it… since it happens often.

Thank you for reading “That Elemental Witch” I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful and informative.

New post every Wednesday and Sundays, dont miss out. Love to have you there.

If you have any questions or comments message me below or in my Contact Page.

Until then Blessed Be.





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