“Learn to Enchant, The Enchanter/Enchantress”

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Learn how to transform everyday objects with your craft, charging them with your personal magick turning normal, average items into useful magickal tools!

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How to Enchant for Beginners:

First of all What is an Enchantment??? Let dive in and find out!

An Enchantment is a simple spell or spells that are casted onto items known as Charms, Enchantments depend on the Witches energy. Enchantments are practical spells that have the personal touch of the Witch.

What all does one need to Enchant an item?

The greatness about Enchanting is that you dont need EXPENSIVE or HARD TO FIND TOOLS in order to Enchant! Talk about AWESOME!! I am all about affordable and everyday Witchy Practices.

3 things that are NEEDED to enchant an item:

  • Will (must be clear)
  • Focus (the stronger the better)
  • Energy (energy should be calm and collected)

Anything else that can be used for Enchanting is completely OPTIONAL.

Why would you choose to use other tools while Enchanting?? Hmm…

Reasons for using tools while Enchanting. The reason you might use tools while enchanting is because the tools help symbolize your WILL, help your FOCUS, or better your current ENERGY.

When Enchanting:

Consecrate the item you have decided to Enchant first. Why is this important? One, it purifies the item before it is used to interact with the Divine. Secondly, it removes any negative energies from the tool. Also clairify what it is you want to achieve with the Enchanted Charm.

If you feel the energy is getting weaker with your Enchanted item you can always re-enchant the item anytime. The only time you would not want to re-enchant an item is if it get damaged, torn, ruined.

Ways to Enchant:

  1. Hold item in your hands and VISULIZE it filling with the appropriate energy. OR
  2. Hold the item in your hands and SPEAK your intent aloud.

You can also use Crystals and/or Herbs with corresponding intent to assist you with Enchanting

Working with The MOON PHASES while Enchanting:

This next step is TOTALLY OPTIONAL. If you are interested with working with the moon to add some extra OMMPH! to your Enchantments check this next step out.

The Moon is one of the most POWERFUL forces around. The Moon controls the ocean tides, effects menstrual cycles, our moods, and even our Magick!

Not all Witches work with the Moon and that is completely fine. But for Witches that do believe that the Moon lends Lunar Energy boost to their Magick.

Talk about a POWER BOOST!

You might be asking, “When do you work with certain Moon Phases?” Not to worry I am fixing to explain it. Come with me as we explore the Lunar Phases! SWEET!

Dark Moon: Best time to destroy/ banish VERY NEGATIVE things such as addictions or serious diseases. Also best time to soul search or use divination.

Waxing Cresent: Best time to build on things or to bring things into your life.

First Quarter: Moon Energy most conductive to attraction. Best time to draw things outside of yourself to you.

Waxing Gibbous: Best time to use Magick to finish/ complete a project.

Full Moon: Most POWERFUL ENERGY. All-purpose Magick, attract or banish at this phase.

Waning Moon: Cast Magic to get rid of anything that no longer serves you.

Last Quarter moon: Cast to rid obstacles in your life that are getting in your way.

Waning Cresent: Clear your life of any stress, strife, or chaos, etc.

I hope you enjoyed and found my post helpful and informative on how to enchant items and enchanting while working with the Moon Phases. If you have any question shoot me a comment. Id love to hear back from you.

Until then Bless it be.


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“Witchery Basics 101”

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Hello fellow witchies! First off I always like to thank you, the reader for taking time out of your day to visit my inspirational blog.

In “Witchery Basics 101” I will discuss what you need to create your own MAGICK! , what ALTAR TOOLS are all about and DO YOU REALLY NEED AN ALTAR to create magick??

In my “Introduction” page I mention the definition of Witchcraft BUT! what all does one need to become a witch?!? Are you ready to hear this?

Yourself and Your intent!

Magick requires Imagination and Will. What you Think can and probably will become your reality. Think of “The Law of Attraction” for an example. What you think and do becomes your own reality.

Soo if you look at the world in a positive light, state of mind your chances of living a comfortable, more enjoyable life GREATLY INCREASES rather than being someone of negativity and holding onto grudges, past hurt feelings are more likely to have GREATER chances of living a NOT SO ENJOYABLE LIFE and honestly who wants a life that cant be enjoyed??

Three easy steps to remember when proforming Magick and creating the LIFE you want:

Step 1) THINK IT.


Step 3) PERSUE IT.

Magick is the magical manipulation of energy to bring about change. You see our bodies are surrounded by energy, known as Aura and everything that exist is connected by ENERGY. This is why the three steps work. When you think of something and visualize the thought it can and will become real even if you didnt intended for it to happen, known as “The Law of Atrraction”, Cause and effect result.

Lets discuss some basics of Witchcraft practices and tools that can help with what I will discuss and offer on Tea’s Twigg & Staff! So I just discussed that tools are not necessary to create Magick because Magick resides inside of us all. BUT! tools can assist us in our Witchy work and I do enjoy working with magick tools myself. I want to add that I am pretty much a Thrifty Witch and the tools and ingridients for the practices I do can easily be picked up at any local shops near you at low prices. Honestly majority of my own tools I came across were found outside or cost less than $3.00 an item!  I enjoy working with RAW NATURAL TOOLS such as Crystals, Feathers, Seashells, Plants/Herbs. The most expensive item on my altar is my Book of Shadows, I spent $10.00 on it! I only stress not having to break your wallet to have magick altar tools and supplies because when I was starting out on my own journey with the craft I believed that I needed all these EXTRAVAGANT ITEMS to create magick, WHICH IS NOT TRUE. 

Some Basic Altar Tools you can choose to have:

  • Candles, Used to invoke
  • Incense holder, Cleanse area energetically, shift consciousness
  • Oil burner, Same as incense holder
  • An item representing one or more Deities, Holds vibrations of Divine
  • Wand, Divination and channeling magickal energies
  • Candle holder, Protects altar cloth
  • Book of Shadows, Holds your spells, rituals, etc
  • Chalice (cup) ,Offerings
  • Athame (dagger type weapon) ,Helps direct Energy
  • Cauldron, Holds witches brews or burn loose herbs
  • Crystals, Helps with grounding

Why would you use Altar tools to assist you in magick??

Having magickal tools at hand can make you the witch focused, disciplined and aware when practicing ritual or magickal workings.

Now that I have discussed using magick tools also known as ALTAR TOOLS not being necessary but a GREAT addition with assisting us with our magick practices I should also mention…

Does being a Witch mean you need to use an ALTAR??

You do not need an altar to practice/create magick. An altar is a space you can choose to keep your altar tools on. Some altars are dedicated to Deities. For myself my altar is set up to honor the 5 ELEMENTS. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. I use my altar to leave my altar tools on and me personally I cast spells only at my altar.

If having an Altar sounds like something you’d like to persue thats awesome! If not theres nothing wrong with that either.

This has been my post on “Witchery Basics 101” We learned a lot. Creating magick from within ourselves, Magick altar tools being useful, afforable but not needed and what an altar is all about.

Thank you for reading!!

Return for new post weekly and Bless it be.

Until next time. Tea

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The Journey Begins

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Thank you for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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Welcome and Thank You for joining me with Tea’s Twigg & Staff!

I should probably explain what Tea’s Twigg & Staff is all about.  It is all about the amazing qualities of WITCHCRAFT!

More so Tea’s Twigg & Staff is about discovering healing and guidance with the amazing properties of WITCHCRAFT! 

Now you might be asking yourself “wait you can heal yourself and find guidance with WITCHCRAFT??” Most definitely! The Craft holds a wonderful world of natural healing and spiritual guidance that can help you along your life journey. 

Let me share my story and journey on how I came to discover WITCHCRAFT and the GREAT healing practices I discovered and learned to listen to my GUIDING intuition along the way.

Ever since I was a child I have felt like there was something different about myself, something special that wasnt being recognized. I couldnt quite put my finger on it until the age of 15 when I discovered Witchcraft. 

Healing with witchcraft has helped me in so many ways. I struggled with ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, NIGHT TERRORS, AND UGH STRESS…

Who has time for all that?? I dont think anyone does. 

With the help of the craft my anxiety has GREATLY REDUCED, my depression WHAT DEPRESSION, I have a better understanding of my DREAMS, and stress is EASY TO DISMISS. 


Witchcraft is the magical manipulation of energy to bring about change. The energy used by a witch may be environmental, from herbs, stones and other natural objects, or it may come from the witch themself or it may be channeled through the witch from a God or Goddess or from the Earth or Universe. Witches are known for casting spells which can be performed in a ritualistic meathod. But you DONT need to cast spells in order to use the CRAFT. 


Here are some favorite HEALING/GUIDING PRACTICES I enjoy doing

  • Crystal Healing
  • Meditating
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cleansing
  • Dream 
  • Angels
  • The “Clair” Types
  • Pendulum
  • Herbilism
  • Candle Magick

I will be creating post on these practices and the Great Clairity that will open your Intuition and the healing properties that will help balance your energy leaving you feeling CENTERED.

Also come check out “Deliver Dawn!” Another GREAT blog on Witchcraft and Love. Click the Link below to have a look!


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