“5 Amazing Spells”

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Here are the AWESOME SPELLS for you to use.

1)Binding Spell:

Write the persons name on a piece of paper.

With a decent length of thred or string, what ever is handy around you, preferably BLACK. Tie a knot around the paper until it starts to crinkle a bit. As you are about to tighten the knot

Say: I bind you (name of person) You are powerless to harming anyone or yourself from now on. No more harm will come from you.

Repeat while wrapping your thred, string around the paper until completely wrapped around

Next light a candle, preferably WHITE, if you dont have a white candle any color candle will do.

Annoint candle to RID NEGATIVITY from your life. Set candle on top of binded paper, let sit until the candle burns down to nearly nothing.

2) Money Spell:


  • 1 green candle
  • Olive oil or Vegtable oil
  • Some loose Change and/or Money bills
  • Bay leaves
  • Thumb tacs or a Sewing needle

Annoint candle using olive oil or vegtable oil to DRAW IN/ INCREASE things into your life.

Next with the tumb tac or sewing needle etch in the candle your Whole Name with your Birthday underneath. (mm/dd/yyyy) Lastly etch in money symbols all over your candle.

Now sprinkle bay leaves all over your candle, spread out loose change/bills on a flat serviceto set your candle on top.

Light your candle and sit in front of it VISULIZING money coming your way. Continue to meditate on this until satisfied. Be prepared for money to come your way!

3) Positivity Spell:


  • White Candle
  • Salt
  • Sage incence or Smudge Bundle
  • Clear or White Quartz
  • Olive oil or Vegtable oil

Annoint candle using olive oil or vegtable oil to DRAW IN/ INCREASE things into your life. Etch your Whole Name and Bithday onto candle.

Set candle down with clear/ white quartz in front of the candle.

Next sprinkle salt clock-wise around the candle and quartz.

Light the candle and RECITE:


4) Love Spell:


  • Rose Petals
  • Lavender herb
  • Jasmine herb
  • Rosemary herb
  • Chamomile herb
  • Vanilla Essential Oil
  • Rose Quartz
  • Red Pouch
  • Jar

Fill jar with water and place rose quartz in the water. Set jar on a window ceil for 24 hours to allow your rose quartz to CHARGE.


Also if you would like to instead you could charge you water with Moon Light all night. If you do this DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT let your moon water be exsposed to DAY LIGHT. Wake up before sunrise, once you have created your Moon Water hide it away in a nice dark place until the following night. Place jar of Moon Water back onto window ceil and place rose quartz into the Moon Water.

Leave jar of Moon Water with rose quartz on the window ceil all night. This time you dont have to worry about the sunlight. Doing this gives your rose quartz an EXTRA OMMPH! to it. Because not only did you charge your crystal with Moon light and Sunlight but you also charged it with charged water from the moon.

Now after doing all that place fresh or dry rose petals, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, chamomile, and charged rose quartz into red pouch.

Carry on you where ever you go and LOVE will be drawen into your life!

5) Luck Spell:


  • 1 Green Candle
  • Cinnamon
  • Chamomile
  • Clove
  • Basil
  • Mint Incense or Essential Oil
  • An Item that is SPECIAL to YOU!

Annoint Candle using olive oil or vegtable oilto DRAW IN/ INCREASE things into your life. Etch onto candle ( Lucky) and your (Whole Name)

Sprinkle basil onto your candle.

Place candle down onto a flat service and lay you SPECIAL ITEM in front of candle.

Next mix cinnamon, clove, and chamomile together and then sprinkle clock-wise around the candle and your item.

Light your mint incense or essential oil and then the candle.

Sit and meditate focusing on your item VISULIZING luck being drawen to you. Stay in this position until you feel satisfied.

Leave your item in fron of the candle until the candle burns down completely.

Wear this item or keep it on you where ever you go and luck will come your way!

These are the 5 Wonderful Spells I have offered. I hope you love them!

And remember EVERYTHING COMES IN GOOD TIME. If you have casted a spell and you havent notice any differences not to worry! Things will happen. Just be patient and things will start to fall in place for you. Also Spell Casting is the first step. After casting any spells dont just sit and wait around. Go out there and get what you want! Casting tells the universe what you want, if you go after what you want after casting a spell then you yourself and the universe are both working towards what you want out of life.

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