“About Me”

Hi my name is T.J. Narup and thank you for visiting my blog Tea’s Twigg & Staff.

This is where I talk about myself and discuss why I created this great blog on healing and guidance with Witchcraft.

First I want to start by explaining the title of my blog. The reason why my blog is called Tea’s Twigg & Staff… Well its not much of a story but here go’s

My full name is Timothy. By the end of 2016 I decided that I was going to go by T.J. like I’ve always wanted to ever since I was a child.

My best friend decided that she was going to give me a nickname for T.J. and she came up with the name Tea. I always joke around that she gave me this nickname because my additude is usually mellow and calm.

Soo… Hi again from Tea.

Moving onto my journey with Witchcraft and how it has helped me in LifeExperiences.  As I mentioned on the Home Page I have always felt like something was different about me and how I struggled with AnxietyDepressionNight Terrors, and Stress.

I discovered Witchcraft at the age of 15. Before I made the great discovery of Witchery I was always told that Witchcraft was either Not Real or Witchcraft was EVIL and only bad people who communicated with demons and dark deities practiced this Craft.

Soo far from the truth.

Witchcraft is what you make of it. This is what makes Witchcraft really amazing! There are so many practices and resources with the craft that I could probably say no two Witches are exact! unless there part of the same coven or are lucky enough to meet someone who has the same practices or close to.

If I had to explain what type of Witch I am I would have to say “Solitary Eclectic Witch”. Which is someone who practices their craft alone and pulls resources from different types of practices that serve them.

How has Witchcraft helped me heal?

Aromatherepy: has helped ease my Anxiety and Depression with soothing scents to help keep me calm and collected and uplifting scents to raise my spirit and keep me motivated.

Herbilism: Herbs have GREAT MAGICKAL POWER. Each herb has its own unique properties and HEALING qualities! Sweet! I love working with herbs. Mainly I have created remedies with herbs to help with sleep problems, coughs, and respetory issues.

Candle Magick: Is the simplest form of casting spells. If you have a candle than you can cast spells. What I love about candle magick is that you dont need fancy altar tools to cast spells with candle magick. IMPORTANT: When casting always remember THINK IT, VISUALIZE IT, PERSUE IT.

Meditating: has helped ground me and keep me centered which will allow you to let go. Meditating calms the mind and reduces stress increasing inner peace.

Crystal healing: holding or placing crystals on your body promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Crystals do this by positively interacting with your body’s energy field or chakra.

The “Clair” Types: the Clair types have helped me get more in touch with my intuition and get a better understanding of myself and my vivid dreams and why I have them and why I see Auras around people, animals, and plants.

Working with Angels: Angels are the main Deieties that I work with. For myself I feel connected with them and seek guidance from them when I dont have the answer myself. Another reason why I feel connected with Angels is when my energy is vibrating at its highest I feel wings on my back. Its hard to explain but this is just my reason. You might feel confortable connecting with other Deities which is totally Awesome.

These are some Great Qualities I have gained from praticing Witchcraft and hope you experience the same!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and learning more about what my blog is all about. Return to read new post on the craft. I will post once a week and my post will always be on bettering and healing oneself.

until next time. Take care.


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