“A Witches Gift, FREE Witchcraft, Wicca, and Pagan Services/Products”

Hi there! It’s Tea from “Tea’s Twigg & Staff”, I hope all is well. I created this post because EVERYONE LOVES A DEAL… Right?? Of course we do!

Down below are FREE! services such as books on Witchcraft, Tarot Decks, Tarot Reading, Online Courses to become Certified in any Witchcraft/Pagan Practice and I also offer PROMO CODES on products for anyone to use. I dont know about you but I LOVE finding great things on SALE, talk about spending less for more!

First I will start with discussing the FREE Services and FREE Products and then I will get into the AWESOME PROMOS and more!

Lets begin shall we?

When I started out exploring Witchcraft I had always perfered to read Witchcraft Content from books instead of off of the internet. Online it was and most likely still is definatly easier to run into sites that dont give you results that you are looking for… if ANY. I started coming across books on Witchcraft Practices and Religious Beliefs while I was out and about in my local town/city, unfortunatly most of the time I did not have the funds (MONEY) to purchase these great materials.

I believe money should not get in the way of what you want to LEARN and this is why I created this post so ANYONE can read up, build supplies up and step forward on their Magickal Journey!

Now a days we have access to books through “Nook”, Kindle, and PDF Files! Best part is that I listed a BUNCH of PDF Files from ANY WITCHCRAFT BOOK that you can IMAGINE.

Talk about AMAZING! Right!?

(Read picture below for details on LINKS)

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FREE Books on Witchcraft!

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OnlineBooks –
Over 50,000 are in OnlineBooks “curated collection” Click Here to start Reading

FREE Tarot Deck – Have you been wanting to obtain your very own Tarot Deck, and I’m not talking about the apps that offer Tarot on your smartphone. You can get your very own PHYSICAL Tarot Deck for FREE, Tarot Decks Here

More Tarot Decks to choose from here

Interested in getting FREE Tarot Readings? Readings that can answer your questions, clear insight on your love relationships, your Tarot wisdom for today in just one card, Past, Present, Future Readings! Check it out

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Ready to go back to school??!! What if I told you that you can attend an  Online Witch Academy TOTALLY FREE CLASSES!! Talk about Sweet. Whats even better after you COMPLETE a Course you recieve a Certificate/Badge!

The link to the School is below…

“The Magickal Circle School”

Courses this Witchy/Pagan School offer are:

Course categories

The Welcome Center (8)

The Orientation Series (4)

Cleansings and Consecrations (1)

Cleansing Methods (2)

Smudgings and Blessings (2)

Degree Programs

The Fireside Degree Program (2)

The Natural Witchcraft Degree Program

Living Water Degree Program (1)

Divination (6)

Advanced Divination

Astrology (3)

Fortune Telling (4)

Lithomancy (2)

Numerology (4)

Palmistry (4)

Runes (3)

Tarot (7)

Gemstones, Metals, and Crystals

Gemstones (4)

Metals (4)

God Studies (12)

Demigods (1)

The God Project (4)

Triple Gods (5)

Goddess Studies (12)

Demigoddesses (1)

The Fates

The Goddess Project (2)

Muses (1)

Triple Goddesses


Aromatherapy (2)

Chakras (9)

Chromotherapy (3)


Self Empowerment (1)

Thalassotherapy (1)

Herbology (1)

The Herb Rack (3)

The Spice Rack (3)

Tree Magick (4)

Wild and Wonderful Weeds: A Pharmacy In Your Backyard (3)

Herbal Witchcrafting (6)

Introduction Classes (6)

Correspondences (4)


Irish Gaelic

Ogham (2)

Lunar Studies

Moon Musings (10)

Magick (2)

Candle Magick (4)

Solar Magick

Spells and Rituals (1)

Magickal Crafting & Arts (2)

Cross Stitch in Time (1)

Healing Arts (2)

Home Decor (1)

Paper Crafts (5)

Ritual Tools (1)

Mythology and Folklore (5)

Angels (3)

Working with the Fae (1)

Greek and Roman Mythology (5)

Pagan Studies (3)

Altars and Shrines (2)

Elements (5)

Magickal Households (1)

Magickal Housekeeping (4)

Pagan Prayer


Symbolism (2)

Techno Pagans (1)

Familiar Studies (2)

Pathworking (3)


Druidism (1)


Feminist Dianic

Kitchen Witchery


Stregheria (2)

Wicca (3)

Spirit Work (1)


Paranormal Investigating (3)

Totems and Spirit Animals (5)

Witchlings (ages 4-16) (6)

Wheel of the Year Studies

Wheel of the Year Series (8)

Wheel of the Year Crafts (8)

Sabbat Celebrations (1)