“The Devils minions”

Fillet of a fenny snake,

In the cauldron boil and bake,

Eye of newt and toe of dog,

Adders fork and blind-worms sting,

Lizards leg and owlets wing,

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell-broth boil and bubble!! (by William Shakespeare, Macbeth)

Is Witchcraft EVIL? Are Witches Evil?

When you hear the word Witchcraft or Witch a lot of the time someone might picture the stereotypical Witch. Pointy black hat, Black clothing, Flying on brooms, Curly pointy shoes and stripped stockings. Or Witches luring children into there cottages in the woods, grinding bones, sacrificing animals, kakeling.

Witchcraft is not EVIL.

People that are Witches are not cookie cutter images of each other. we are not clones of one another and our paths as Witches dont all follow down the same road. Let me explain.

Remember Witches are PEOPLE. People have all kinds of personalities and behaviors. Witchcraft is a TOOL that assist people when needed. To conclude even though Witchcraft is not an EVIL practice there are chances that a NOT SO GOOD person could attempt to misuse magick for the wrong reasons.

Although a NEGATIVE PERSON could miss use Witchcraft for petty reasons I would advise them not to. Witchcraft comes with consequences like everything else, in this case called ‘The Three Fold Law”.

What you send out with Witchcraft will return to you three times as much weather its for the better or worse.

To answer “Are Witches Evil?” I would say no. There might be some mischievous Witches out in the world but that said it doesnt mean were all up to no good.

Witches DO NOT worship the Devil

Witches do not worship the Devil, Satanist do.

It is possible that the confusion that Witches worship the Devil could be due to the similarities between Satan and Pan, a greek God of the wild.

Soo who is this wild Pan God??

Pan, the greek God of nymphs and nature has the head and hooves of a goat and has a devil-like appearance. Pan is the God of the wild, a Nature God, shepherds, and flocks, nature of mountain wilds. He is also recognized as the God of fields, groves, wood glens, fertility and is connected with the season Spring

Not all Witches are religious but for ones that are most likely worship Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. Celtic to Shamanic to Scandinavian, Ancient Roman and Greek Deities. There are also Earth Based religion, which focus on the Earth, Sun, and all of nature.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Witches and Witchcraft and who we really are.

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Until then Bless it be.


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